First Choice Asset Recovery LLC
Let us help you claim what is rightfully yours.

No out of pocket expense to you!

Fast courtious service



Our goai is to locate and claim assets for our clients in a fast and friendly manor.

We use a simple step by step process.

! We locate unclaimed assets ( property, money, inheritences, ect.}
2 We locate the claiment.
3 We arrange all paperwork that is necessary.
4 We file the claim with the apropriate parties on our clients behalf.
5 We collect and forward the claim to the client.

 First Choice Asset Recovery only receives payment when our clients receive payment.
There are no out of pocket expenses from the client.
If we cannot collect the claim there is no charge to the client.
First Choice Asset Recovery receives a small percentage of the claim as payment. only if claim is collected.

                                                                                  Phone (702) 818-5055     


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